AB AETERNO: the only wooden watches Made in Italy featuring Swiss made movement. The name, AB AETERNO, is a Latin expression meaning “from the past”. AB AETERNO refers to the past, but also intends to create something completely new. AB AETERNO wooden watches come from the passion for research and development in design. We have joined in a skillful and original way the passion for fashion. These qualities have made AB AETERNO a first-class representative of the Made in Italy in the fashion system. The refined handmade details, the choice of fashionable colours, easy to match, the use of natural materials such as wood, make AB AETERNO a brand able to create watches, that are cool and fashion at the same time, expressions of a deep passion for the eco-fashion world, since nothing overwhelming can be done without passion, according to AB AETERNO. Each watch is made in Italy with the maximum attention for details and design. It comes to creations characterized by a high level of finish and considerable attention to details, thanks to a quality control that guarantees all AB AETERNO watches high quality. Swiss Movement has always represented excellence in the watch-making world. Its precision and reliability are given by a combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and new technologies. All AB AETERNO watches are made with Swiss Movement, in order to create innovative products, which are linked to the past but that are also projected into the future, always aiming at perfection.--------------------- Products not sold in Benelux, South Africa and Russia

AB Aeterno Sunrise

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Watches Made ​​in Italy with Swiss Made Movement! 100% WOOD. 

Think of that moment when nature, respectful and quiet, is waiting for the miracle of a new day to take place again. At one point it happens: the sun springs from behind the horizon, and illuminates the sky whit its white light after the hours of darkness, for an explosion of colours and warmth: gold, pink and orange with their infinite shades.
Sunset is the white watch made of 100% natural maple wood, extremely light, to the point where you might forget you’re wearing it. Our mens watches are the result of a union between nature and passion for fashion. Through the modeling of wood, we have created a unique line of design.
The grains of the wood are painted by Nature, a great artist that never repeats itself. Each item is different from any other, enabling those who wear white mens watches to embody a unique style.  


Brand: AB Aeterno

Model: Sunrise

Movement: Quartz Swiss Made RONDA 505/515 

Case: 100% natural maple wood, diam. 40mm, thickness 13mm

Dial: Maple wood, date at 3 hour with cyclopean lens, luminous hands

Watchstrap / Buckle: Stainless steel butterfly clasp 

Other features: Made in Italy, hypoallergenic, weight 50gr., biodegradable, resistant to water splashes, replaceable battery , warranty 2 years

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