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Alexander Tasou, designer of Hi Tek Designs, started what he calls his "project" from as early as the 80's, bringing industrial design and surrealism to his accessories. Watches, sunglasses, hats, masks, belts, bags or briefcases, any of his designs or accessories, are never "in" or "out" of fashion. Alexander's timeless designs can be worn by either gender throughout decades and will always make a statement, will always look ahead of time, the designs edgy and stand out. Integrating the past, even the ancient, with the distant future, nowadays called "Steampunk" is Alexander's passion. Alexander's designs have been used by the film industry, mainly in science fiction films, and his accessories used by famous artists in the music industry either for performance, video shoot or magazine covers. Today, a museum of watches in France, Ville de Besancon, carries a range of Hi Tek Alexander watches as part of their permanent collection-------SHIPMENTS WILL RETURN FROM MONDAY 20 AUGUST

Alexander Hi-Tek  Funk

Codice FHT006FUNK

€ 68,00


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The Frame is Silver colour, not black

We carry a range of original retro 80s sunglasses, all types of round frames in metal and...

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Alexander Hi-Tek  Double Rotating Pyramid

Codice ODRP

€ 228,00


Rotating case!

NB: the two dials are both black (pictured version is silver / black, out of production)

Surreal, unusual,...

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Alexander Hi-Tek  Twin

Codice OTWIN

€ 135,00


Immediate delivery within 48 hours

Surreal, unusual, futuristic, Steampunk and Cyberpunk wrist watches. Unisex, small, large and handmade products. Each design is a...

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