We believe our name can fully represent our mission.

In fact, as for any other business, passion for our products and our job plays a key role in achieving the goals and it ranks among the main basis of our lives.

Through our work, we intend to convey this commitment to watches to all customers at our best, giving the widest choice, pointing mainly on product quality, on design, and last but not least the quality / price ratio.

Starting from these assumptions, we hope to involve more and more people and to create a "virtual place" having all the features and the atmosphere of the old "maisons horlogères", where passion for watches has never failed, allowing the constant development up to the present and projecting it into the future.

New Arrivals (new)

Lambretta  Classico 40 Rose Gold White Brown

Codice 2222/BRO

€ 169,00 discounted by 54% € 77,74



A vintage inspired classic watch. Thin and elegant polished rosegold case, paired with a stylish strap made of genuine Italian leather (with smart quick-release pins for easy strap...

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Panzera  Flieger 47 Arado Strike

Codice F47-01MN3

€ 298,00


The PANZERA Flieger F47-01M ARADO is a classic German 47mm automatic pilots watch.

In 1940, the German Reichsluftfahrtministerium (Imperial...

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Extri  X3013B

Codice X3013B

€ 289,00


Free the black silicon watch strap

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New Offers

MWC  24 Jewel 300m Auto Submariner in Black PVD Steel

Codice SUB/PVD/B/A

€ 266,00 discounted by 11% € 236,74


Look Inside the video advertising!

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MWC  12/24 Military Divers Watch Stainless Steel (Automatic)

Codice XLDSSAU/1224

€ 258,00 discounted by 15% € 219,30


MWC Kampfschwimmer (Military Diver) models are our new heavy duty range and have a significantly more robust case than most other military divers...

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Normal   Fuji White Black Leather

Codice F431/20BL

€ 142,00 discounted by 30% € 99,40


Sale!  Also available with fabric strap (see inside)

The conical form of the Fuji watch flows...

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