We believe our name can fully represent our mission.

In fact, as for any other business, passion for our products and our job plays a key role in achieving the goals and it ranks among the main basis of our lives.

Through our work, we intend to convey this commitment to watches to all customers at our best, giving the widest choice, pointing mainly on product quality, on design, and last but not least the quality / price ratio.

Starting from these assumptions, we hope to involve more and more people and to create a "virtual place" having all the features and the atmosphere of the old "maisons horlogères", where passion for watches has never failed, allowing the constant development up to the present and projecting it into the future.

New Arrivals (new)

Walter Mitt   Royal Marine Black Brown


€ 238,00


The W.MT Royal Marine collection incorporates the classic lines of diver watches, adding important features and quality, such as thick Italian genuine leather straps with a facilitated expulsion...

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Nethuns  LAVA II LS251

Codice LS251

€ 369,00


The Nethuns LAVA II is a very robust diver with an excellent quality price.

Its rounded case gives it an imposing effect, while maintaining the 45mm diameter measurements.

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MWC  1999-2001 Pattern Swiss Quartz

Codice MWC/SS/DMK1

€ 205,00 discounted by 15% € 174,25


They utilise a Swiss Ronda 705/715 movement

These watches are closely based on a case design by the famous Swiss case making firm MRP S.A, other than a few minor updates the case is much...

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New Offers

Roland Sands Design  ICON Roland Sands Signature 2252 Chronograph

Codice IC-RS-2252

€ 258,00


In a time of pocket sized screens and wearable "devices" the classic wrist watch seems to be fading into obscurity, but we here at RSD have a penchant for the past, for things that last...

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MWC  Diver Automatic Full Sterile

Codice SUB/82/ST/NATO

€ 254,00 discounted by 18% € 208,28


This divers watch is a remake of a 1980’s model which we made in the past, the watch has a robust stainless steel case and is equipped with a high performance automatic 24 jewel self winding...

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Codice A45D-01BR3

€ 535,00


The PANZERA Aquamarine Pro Diver Automatic Ocean Watch collection is a handcrafted mechanical watch range built specifically as a rugged professional Diving Watch.

With a robust...

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