We believe our name can fully represent our mission.

In fact, as for any other business, passion for our products and our job plays a key role in achieving the goals and it ranks among the main basis of our lives.

Through our work, we intend to convey this commitment to watches to all customers at our best, giving the widest choice, pointing mainly on product quality, on design, and last but not least the quality / price ratio.

Starting from these assumptions, we hope to involve more and more people and to create a "virtual place" having all the features and the atmosphere of the old "maisons horlogères", where passion for watches has never failed, allowing the constant development up to the present and projecting it into the future.

New Arrivals (new)

a.b.art  DL201

Codice DL201

€ 229,00


Also available with a leather strap in different colors and steel strap (see inside)

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AB Aeterno  Alba

Codice AB-009

€ 119,00


Watches Made ​​in Italy with Swiss Made Movement! 100% WOOD

A light blue sky and morning freshness, the last pale stars in the sky that...

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elegantsis  JT48 Air Force - Army Special Forces Edition

Codice ELJT48-OG04LC

€ 420,00 discounted by 10% € 378,00


Elegantsis JT48 Special Forces Edition pays tribute to the three special forces in the military - the Army, the Navy and the Air Force....

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New Offers

Friedrich Lederwaren GmbH  29451 Cubano - Friedrich|23

Codice 29451

€ 599,00 discounted by 30% € 419,30


An automatic watch works as long as it is worn, then it has a power reserve further, after which it stops because it lacks the necessary movement for...

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666Barcelona  James Steel Gold

Codice 151

€ 169,00 discounted by 52% € 81,12


Also available with silicon strap (see inside) 

Watch inspired by a safe, the case has a look of a solid piece of steel

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MWC  MKIII (100m) Automatic Ltd Edition


€ 266,00 discounted by 10% € 239,40


The Limited Edition MWC Mk III Automatic in black PVD is a recreation of the classic 1950s NATO specification watches which were made under UK Ministry of Defence...

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